Cannot open unknown file extension .RND?

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My friend wanted me to print this file with file name Putty.RND. I asked her about this file,and she said it was a Word document. So I tried to open this file on Word, but it won't. It showed up like this:

I also tried to open it via internet, Notepad, Wordpad, PDF, to be sure but I really can’t open this file.

Could it be corrupted? or what?

This is how it looks like when I open it in MS word.

It's giving me choices, I tried but it doesn't work.

How can I fix this problem?

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Cannot open unknown file extension .RND?



.rnd files are system generated files and don't need human interactions or modifications. Ask your friend that what she had written in those file as I said earlier that these files are generated by the system itself we don't need to open them or read them ever.

Secondly, they are not to be decrypted for any purpose even if you delete such files these files will be created again and again in your system.

I suggest you not to worry about this issue.

Hope it helps.

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Cannot open unknown file extension .RND?



Such a document might be saved wrongly or the person didn't close the document well before removing the flash disk or any removable disk. Therefore the document might be corrupt.

Another issue is, the document might have been corrupted by a virus and needs to be scanned thoroughly and try saving again.

Another option is to transfer the printer to the original computer and install to print it out.


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