Difference between Cisco routers and others

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what is the difference between Cisco routers and others?

Can we trust this Cisco routers and for better transmission can we use switch,routers or hubs?

What is the fastest of these devices because i want my online network to be more fast

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Difference between Cisco routers and others


Talking about the Ups and Downs of each Brand, we can talk of many.

You can have it on the Web but what matters most after all the comparison as to what is good or not will bring you down to the bottom questions;

1. How are you going to handle the security of your network?

2. You can buy a router that offers the Longest WIFI range but if the place would be crowded, will the length of the range still matter?

You would consider a router that could be easily configured because it will make your network set up to be a lot easier. And my final word of advice, “Stick to the basic.” Know what you really need. Don’t put yourself in the middle of buying an expensive thing with features you can’t maximize its use.

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Difference between Cisco routers and others



Cisco routers are well known for quality products. There are numbers of routers, switches and hubs available in the market but if we are talking about the quality standards, Cisco is ahead of them.

Cisco are certified, tested and guaranteed equipment that works perfectly for wireless connections.

* Router uses IP-Address such as and abut-generate IP-address to each and every computer attached to the device. It uses the same bandwidth and it divides Internet traffic to the computers connected to the equipment. This also has it's own built-in firewall for protection when browsing and often caused by slow browsing of all computers attached.

* Switches uses Mac-Address directly assigned by the Internet Service Provider. This type of device is for fast Internet connection because it has no built-in security software that filtered incoming/outgoing Internet traffic. Some Internet Service Provider only provide 1 (one) IP-Address, Mac-Address which limits used of computers at home. They also charge for extra IP-Address, if you have 4 computers means you need to purchased 3 IP-Address more. Once additional IP-Address has been added to your service, then all computers should work perfectly for fast browsing.

* Hubs – uses coax cord, cat5 cable connection and indented for local networking, computer to computer type of connection. This uses the same server and bandwidth and Internet is pretty slow because it uses 1 way to send traffic back and forth.

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