Certain port information needed for web development purpose

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I need to know about the certain terms of my personal websites related purpose.

I have come across these two terms and need to know about them the terms are HDMI and DVI.

Should someone know of this term please kindly inform me as soon as possible.

Kristan Lai


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Certain port information needed for web development purpose


Hey Kristan Lai!

If you want to know about the HDMI and DVI then do not worry about it. I am here to help you.

Let us discuss them both separately.


HDMI Stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

Basically,it is used to transfer the digital data which is encrypted and uncompressed.

This digital data is transferred from HDMI-compliant device to Digital Audio device, Video projectors, Monitors etc.

HD DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, video game console, PC can be the source for HDMI.


DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface.

Basically,this interface is like a connector, which covers transmission from source device to display device.


So we can say that HDMI is used to transfer the encrypted uncompressed data and DVI is used to cover the transmission.

I hope you understand it.


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