Diablo Error: “Access to Diabdat.mpq denied.”

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I attempted to create a Diablo and received an error prompt. Since then, whenever I try to create any kind of game I receive an error report “Access to Diabdat.mpq denied.” The Diabdat.mpq is the file for Diablo. I have refreshed the program and the computer too and none of them has given the solution. There is still an error with the file. Any help will be appreciated.

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Diablo Error: “Access to Diabdat.mpq denied.”


The error message that you are gettings defines that you don't have enough access to the specified file. If you are using windows vista or windows 7 you must run the program as administrator.

  • Right click on the program and select run as administrator. By this your software will get all administrative privileges and you will be able to modify any file that the software uses.
  • Also right click on the Diabdat.mpq and choose properties. Uncheck the read only box, save it and close. Then try to edit the file.
  • Sometimes the file is placed in C so you better move it to some other drive and then try to modify it because sometimes windows don't allow you to edit the contents of C driver.

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