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While installing Sametime v8.5.1, the installation of DB2 has failed. An error message occurs that displays the following text

Installation Manager fetched 1 files (437.61 MB) during this installation attempt. You can keep these files to avoid fetching them again. Installation manager will delete these files during a successful installation of this or any other package.

What should I do now?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Hannah!

I am also a user of DB2 and i had also face that problem, you really do not need to worry about this problem. When this error occurs for the first time, I really do not know what to do. I search on internet, share with my friends. Then i came to know the possible reasons of this error. The account must not be a domain account; it should be a local account. So while installing DB2 make sure that you are using a local Administrator Account. Also you have to make sure that already DB2Admin named, no group is existed.
In the last, Enter password, consisted of special and Alpha numeric characters.

Hope you understand.