Datastep ERROR: An exception has been encountered

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Hi, I am facing a severe problem using datastep, whenever I try to execute Datastep using 50 variables with 200 characters length each, I keep getting the error message

ERROR: An exception has been encountered “ as shown below.

I would be glad if someone could help me in resolving this.

Thank you.

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Datastep ERROR: An exception has been encountered


            It much better show some code for this kind of problem. Anyway I have some solution that you can try to solve your problem. If you think that you don’t have problem to your code, you must check the installation of SAS. Check the version if it compatible to resources that you are using. Try another version if this will work to your computer. If you are using or running on a server, check your files and libraries that you know will affect your code. You must check all the issues, not only the code that you are doing. If you find that you can’t solve the problem, you can contact customer support for your problem.

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