Create a table in Excel.

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Hi all,

I want to make a table in Excel! I want the names of three People at the top (one each column) and on the left what they did and how it lead, each a separate row. I typed it all up like that, but now I have no idea how to create it. All of the table options are so complex.

Please give me some reason for it.

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Create a table in Excel.


I guess what you want to do is like the image below. See figure 1.


                                                                                                              figure 1.

I suggest that you put all the names of the philosophers in one column and the accomplishment on the left side of it. See figure 2.


                                                                                                          figure 2.

It is much better if you do the same on figure2. Excel options are not that complex. If you want to change the format of each cell just right click it and select “Format Cell” all formatting options regarding text, numbers, etc. can be found there.

If you use Microsoft 2007 or later, it is much easier than using Excel 2003. All the options are shown in version 2007. You’ll just have to choose what tab from the menu you want to use. Microsoft has a support page regarding MS Office.

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Create a table in Excel.



There are many ways to create table as you wish in Microsoft excel. This is one of  easiest way to create a table in a work sheet.

Initially, click on a cell in the work sheet and click on the insert button.

Then click on the table in the table section.



In the next window select the area including for columns which you want create a table. Then click ok.

Then a table will be appeared.

Double click on the column heading in order to rename the columns as you mentioned.

Then enter any date in rows. Right click on the table and select insert rows in order to insert new rows.

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