Connect HP G2e switches to connect using DHCP

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I am wondering if there is another setting to make for my HP G2e switches to connect using DHCP server on a blade. I have no firewall or any security blocking the connection or preventing my HP G2e to connect to the server. I already check some help regarding IP-helper command. Is there someone here who could assist me or familiar with the settings? Please help!

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Connect HP G2e switches to connect using DHCP


Hallo Jasmine,

I will advice that you check the server and ensure that you have set it to use the Dynamic Host Control Protocol for allocation of the IP addresses to the computers. Otherwise it you have set it to static, and then you will need to manually feed each computer on the network with a static IP address, a process that may be tedious and time consuming if you have a very large network of computers.

Set the server to DHCP mode so that the computer on the network will be allocated IP addresses automatically to save you trouble of configuring each computer on the network.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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