DHCP configuration file and ISC DHCP documentation

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How does DHCP server reload its configuration file and where can I find the ISC DHCP documentation? Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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DHCP configuration file and ISC DHCP documentation


We can reload the configuration if we are having startup script for dhcpd such as:

/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart

It takes few minutes to start back and up again and depending upon their usage and hardly any outage in terms of service.

In the Documentation for the ISC DHCP software includes the following files

1. README file:-it contains system specific information and late breaking operational and we read certainly read if run into trouble.

2 .RELNOTES file:-

3. Manual pages.

The file server/dhcpd.conf (in the source) is a sample DHCP server configuration.

Dhclient.conf man page contain documentation of client configuration e. The DHCP client configuration script is documented in the dhclient-script man page. The dhclient.leases man page is the page where DHCP client lease database is documented and the dhcrelay man page is the page which contains The DHCP relay agent documentation.

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