Connect External Client with VMware using IP

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I got a TD13 Express 1TB VMware Edition running in my OS X Snow Leopard.

It is equipped with local Linux Utilities such as BTE, tput, etc. Do any of you know how to connect external client into my VMware using IP?

Or should it use a local sandbox when making connections instead?

And would it still require a VMware setting?

I’d be thankful to those who can provide me with answers to these queries.

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Connect External Client with VMware using IP


Lean Gealon


It seems that you have not configured the NAT (Network Address Translation) at the time of installing the VMWare.

The NAT is a mechanism whereby a number of different computers on a private internal network can be represented by a single IP of the host. When one of the client on the VMWare communicates with a remote system it does through a NAT device, which modifies the data to make it appear that it is sent through a shared NAT IP address.

When a VMWARE station is installed it really looks for the IP / network of the host, and if allowed automatically configures its virtual IP which acts as the NAT IP address of the VMWare. As such, if the external client is connected / communicate with the host IP, then it also can communicate with the NAT IP of the VMWare station


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