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What is the problem when the computer makes a series of beeps ?

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Hey Xpertit!

It happens sometimes when we start the computer, it makes a series of beeps and do not display anything on the monitor screen.

I had also face this problem. I have two rams of 512 KB in my system. One day I started my computer, it make a series of beeps. I really was worried about that problem because my monitor was not showing a single display, it was completely blank.

Anyways, I contacted to computer technician he told me about the problem, which was my RAM. One of my ram was defected which does not allowed the computer to start. That is the reason behind the series of beeps.

If you are facing this problem, I recommend you to change your system RAM


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When you hear series of beeps on your computer when starting it up, it’s a kind of beep codes informing you of an error in the computer’s BIOS. BIOS stands for the Basic Input/Output System and is the software that controls the computer’s basic hardware functions.

It is also the program responsible for executing the POST or the Power On Self Test during boot up. This is done to test the computer’s basic components for errors before booting up the machine.

The computer will then load the operating system when major parts pass the test. But if an error was encountered during the test, the error is sometimes displayed on the screen in the form of a number code.

But usually, when an error happens during POST like a problem detected on RAM, the error is displayed in the form of audio codes meaning you’ll be hearing series of beeps. To check for the meaning of the beep codes, you may visit Power On Self Test - POST Beep Codes.

Sharath Reddy