Computer Burn Out & Not Turning On

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Hello guys,

I have a PC that has Windows 7 ultimate, my motherboard is D945 GCNL & my processor is Intel dual core & video card is NVIDIA 9500 GT.

I am really fond of gaming. Last night while playing the Call of Duty 7 my pc just had a blast & my pc turned off & some burning smell come out. After that I am not able to turn it on.

What is the problem?

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The way you explained about that blast and burning smell coming out of your PC, I would say it is a power supply that burnt. Make sure when buying a new power supply to know which you buying and to choose the best. Your computer and games demand better and more powerful power supply. Pick right one this time. I would recommend something like Antec, Enermax or Thermaltake.

There are so many others to pick from, this is just a small hint. They are maybe costly, but it is worth paying for because you won't see such a thing happens again after playing any demanding game.


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It may be the power supply of your PC but you can check it that form where the fault is located and can remove it. To do this you need to open you PC and then see where the problem is located it may be power supply that may be infected by some overheat or may be the Motherboard of your PC but it depends on situation when you was using the PC and when the problem come.

You can remove the part that is infected and then you will be able to play your game again. It may be some BIOS problem in your system or over heating can also cause this problem. Check your hard drive also and make it error free. Check all the components of your Pc one by one and you will be able to locate problem and to solve this problem.


I hope it will help you to solve your problem.

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Hello Adams,

Your power supply box may have just burned out due to overheating, and there for you will need to replace it. Gaming as we know consumes a lot of power and there for required that you have a power supply that can withstand overheating so that problems like such do not happen. You will be required to replace the power supply box with another one so as to get your computer back on feet.

Also ensure that the cooling system of your computer which includes the fan is working properly so that the computer can regulate overheating without causing a burn out like the one you just had.

Mahesh Babu

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