Prices of brand new and latest model of PC Laptop

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I would like to be sure of how does a brand new laptop cost today because it will provide me a big help to choose a PC Laptop that has a moderate price but has a better function.


Thank you.

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Prices of brand new and latest model of PC Laptop


Hello Redrico,

  • PC laptop! that's a great choice. But in order to choose your best laptop that depends on your use! Is it for business? General purposes? Multimedia? or gaming! You yourself have to choose according to your satisfaction and needs. Well here's a link to provide you with lots of choices.
  • You can also check this site for a list of laptops with prices to help you find a moderate or cheaper laptop that is also beneficial to your job or in anyway you may use it. This also shows comparison to its special features, specifications and the all you need to know about the product.
  • Remember you are the only one who can choose your BEST laptop. Cause its you that matter.
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Prices of brand new and latest model of PC Laptop



  • To select the best laptop available in the market, check forum and review of that specific brand of computer you desired to have.
  • Forum is really a big help when deciding to own a laptop, because this gives you idea what are the strength and weaknesses. The pros and cons of that specific device and also important to know the specification.
  • In the picture attached in your post shows 2 example of laptops. The first picture is nice looking black color and the other is gray simple type of computer. The looks is deceiving and you might not know what are the specification of those devices. Before you decide to buy, do some research and consider the price too, sometime you pay for the brand name because they are well known and already established their name as THE Best manufacturer. Sometimes you pay for the price for the right product and quality.
  • Good thing to fonder is to ask what are the best. If I decide based on the picture shown above, I will go for picture 1 because of it's look and shiny. It also has XPS on it, which is a very good type of computer brand.
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Prices of brand new and latest model of PC Laptop


Hello Mike,

A computer prices will be determined by some important factors that you have to consider when you want to purchase:

  • The RAM size.
  • The processor speed.
  • The hard disk drive size.
  • Model preference.
  • Which Operating System you will need to use on the computer.
  • How much you budget is for the computer.
  • What purpose you intend to use the computer for.

A computer that you will need to use for normal core like typing your work, saving documents and other lighter activities that are not demanding when it comes to memory usage will have a RAM of about 2GB and a hard disk space of about 320GB, and a computer like this will cost you about $400.

But if you need to do gaming then the computer will need to have a RAM size of about 6GB and hard disk space of about 520 GB for it to be fast enough, and it will cost about $700.

Mac computers will cost you more as compared to HP and DELL computers that have the same specs.

Mahesh Babu

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