Computer back up required – function managing

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I need to back up my computer and I use windows 7 operating system. I have come to know that we can back up our computer by windows 7 and there is a option for that. Should someone know how to back up computer with windows 7 operating system kindly help me with it.
Arnold Huang
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Computer back up required – function managing


I am also currently using Windows 7 so I included some images for you to understand the process easily.

1. Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen.

2. Select All Programs and click on Maintenance.

3. Go to Backup and Restore.

I assume that you haven’t performed any back-up yet, so you need to set-up your backup first.

4. Click on Setup Backup.

5. Then select where you want to save your backup (may either be an external hard drive or a rewritable CD, better if it has larger storage), then click on Next.

6. Then choose what you want to backup. You can manually choose the files you want by clicking the Let me choose an option. After that, click Next.

7. Review your Backup Settings, if the correct destination was chosen, and what items will be the backup include.

8. Backup is often performed by schedule, you can change the schedule by clicking on the Change Schedule link. Just click on the dropdown lists on how often, what day and time you want your backup to run. Select Ok if you’re done.

9. Click on Save Settings and Run Backup when you’re ready.

10. You can also opt for running your backup manually by clicking on Turn off schedule on your upper-left corner.

I hope this helps!

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