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I am using Samsung hard 500GB hard drive now. But recently it starts clicking. What does the click sound mean? Even sometimes I cannot connect it without disconnecting it.

When it start clicking, my pc stutters. My hard drive is almost filling up with many important data. If I had to format it then I will fall in a great problem. I really do not want to do it. What can I do now?

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Normally a clicking sound coming from your hard drive is a bad omen. The horrific events of the material are a pioneer, so my advice is immediate "backup your hard disk!" As soon as possible. If you drive, you're out of luck. In fact, even if your hard disk with no doubt a problem, it is wise to make regular backups of your only minimal discomfort can survive a hard drive failure. See my article back up your files in backup strategies, hardware and software to learn.

In Windows XP, your mistakes by running the CHKDSK utility to check the hard disk. Restart your computer and hold down the Ctrl key while booting up. When you start your system in Safe Mode, select it and continue to see the options. / / R, then press Enter: F. Click Start, and then, Run, then type chkdsk C clicks. / R option tells CHKDSK to scan for bad sectors on the disk and the option / F means to correct any errors found. (A system for Windows 98, CHKDSK command, ScanDisk is used instead.)

If CHKDSK "to convert the file to lose chains, recover lost data, or do something about the setting, I must admit. CHKDSK After completion, restart your computer normally and see (if CHKDSK to sell you a cheap Rolex, politely offer. Drop tries) if the dreaded click return loss. If so, the disc is most likely damaged and must be replaced as soon as possible. If you buy a new computer, new computer to help with Copy file transfer your old hard drive decided to investigate.

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Hi, you have a serious problem on your hard disk. Of course, it’s a hardware problem and your unit failure can be imminent. So, first of all, you must do a backup of your data; you can also try to save your disk content in an image file with a tool like Norton Ghost. Once you have put your data in a safe place, you can test your disk like the Samsung tool, in order to assure yourself what the failure consists of.

Download Samsung ES tool, it’s the official utility to test Samsung hard disks.

It’s not impossible that your hard drive passes the test, in this case check your computer temperature.

Try also to change your hard disk power cable.

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Hi, your hard drive is about to crashed. You better back up your important data right away. Reformat can't repair your Samsung HDD, You need to have a new hard drive.