Motherboard and Video Card compatibility

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Hello techyv experts!

I hope you can give me an advice about my question. I am planning to assemble a computer, and the first thing that I bought is an ASUS DDR3 motherboard. While browsing the net, I saw a DDR5 video card for a cheaper price. If I buy the video card, will it work on my ASUS motherboard?

Many thanks!

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Motherboard and Video Card compatibility


Hi Spider,

What you said about the motherboard, supporting DDR3 , It's the system RAM it supports. Where DDR5 is now only supported by a graphics card. It doesn't matter what Memory type your graphics card uses as long as it's a PCI-E, AGP or PCI. You can use any type of Graphics card in your motherboard.

But you can only use DDR3 type RAM in your motherboard. If you want to Use DDR3 graphics card that is also fine. But You have to check that your graphics card has the correct compilation slot according to the motherboard. I mean nowadays most graphics card uses PCI-E. So, you should check whether your motherboard has a PCI-e slot. I've already checked it and I think It does. 

So enjoy.

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Motherboard and Video Card compatibility



Yes, this can fit in its slot but this will give you a head ache sooner.

There are some cases that the driver will choose on what are the best suited and that can be compatible with the board.

Yes, it's really great to have this kind of video card because it has many features unlike DDR3.

If you look the market itself, they sale the DDR5 Video Card in for the future players because DDR3 are already stated to face out.

Thus make that DDR5 bloom, and that is why all the brand can be BUY in DDR5, that are packed with its RAM and graphic card.

This will unmark the question because the device will directly choose what is best for it.

If you try to install it, I bet, this may outburst its heat to the board itself because it is not compatible as I mentioned above and makes an effect in the future.

So its, better to have a Video card of DDR3 which are best and compatible with the board.

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