Cd/dvd player makes funny noises

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Hello everyone, got a bit of a problem here. My CD/DVD player is making funny noises when loading a CD/DVD.

I tried to clean the lens with a special CD/DVD cleaner and it helps a bit but the funny noises don't go away.

You think me CD/DVD player is broken or start to die on me?

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Cd/dvd player makes funny noises


Your CD/DVD ROM's lens might have some problem.

You should change your CD/DVD ROM's lens to solve your problem.

Sometimes CD/DVD ROM's start loosing its power then the problem occurs.

You can repair it. Go to your nearest  servicing center to do this. Or you can change your CD/DVD ROM.

Or, it might  lose its rubber band.

The band helps the tray to come out and in. So if you can, then open your CD/DVD ROM.

And see its band is all right or not. If any loose connection fixes it.

I think the answer might be helpful to you. 

Best of luck.

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Cd/dvd player makes funny noises


The CD/DVD player has a quite shorter life span compared to computers.

Electronic devices have unpredictable life span. Even if you use it properly and with care, it just breaks down once in a while and leaving you clueless of what might be the reason.

If you are suspecting that the cause of the noise might be the DVD player’s lens, I think not.

Because when you load a disc in the DVD player the lens doesn’t spin, it only emits laser to read the data from the disc.

The lens is not replaceable. It comes in package with the DVD player and you cannot buy a separate lens in any computer or electronic stores.

The noise that you heard might be coming from the small motor that spins the disc or it might be the circle platform where the disc is dropped inside the player. It spins the disc so the lens can read the data underneath.

You should buy a new CD/DVD player.

If you keep on using it even if you are hearing strange noises coming from it, your disc might be damaged.

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