Can’t see Disk Drives in ubuntu

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I recently installed Ubuntu lucid Linux on my PC and I used 100% hard drive for the installation, (not dual boot).

Now in "Computer" (Places-Computer) I can't see the my disk drives, Capacity of my disk drive is 40 GB But all I can see is 1 GB free space. Please refer below screen shot for more details.

Any idea about how to solve this matter?


Ubuntu lucid Linux on PC
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Can’t see Disk Drives in ubuntu



According to the attached screenshot, you have maybe make a mistake during the installation process, the total contents size is 5.5 GB and you have 1 GB as free space, that's mean that your root disk (/) size is 6.5 GB, so to verify is this is really our case you need to install the Gparted utility.

1. You need to boot using a Live CD.

2. Now go to the System menu and open Gparted (you need to write your password).

System menu and open Gparted

3. You can see that in my PC there is 3 GB of free space (the gray area). So I will merge this free space with my root disk, to do this I need to click using the right button of my mouse in the root hard drive, then shows resize/move.

hard drive, then shows resize/move.

4. Now I need just to increase the new size to the limit, click the Resize/Move button.

the Resize/Move button

5. Click the Apply button.

Reboot and open Ubuntu

6. Reboot and open your Ubuntu (Without the live CD).

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