Can’t run autorun.inf from game disk

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Many of my games require the CD or DVD to be inserted before launching the game. For some reason, my computer will not read the autorun.inf files and launch the auto play menu upon inserting the disk in either drive. But others software which have autoran.inf is run properly.

Computer is,

Custom built .system board ASUSTekv M2NPV-VM

Processor AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Cores 6000+ 3.3 GHz

RAM 2 X 1 GB G-Skill DDR2 (PC2-6400)

Hard Drives Seagate 250 GB SATA,

Optical Drives: Samsung DVD-RW

Graphics Card: Radeon X1950 XLT

OS: Windows XP Home SP3

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Can’t run autorun.inf from game disk


Hello Kejin,

Not being able to play your favorite games requiring CD-ROM access is quite upsetting. However there may be several reasons as to why it happens.

  • Let’s do a comparison test to see if the autorun feature works on your particular computer. Pick out any of your game installer disks and insert it into your drive. Wait for the associated program to pop up and display the game menu asking you to install or run the game. Did it work? Do the same for any install disk that has an autorun program on it. Note your results.
  • Does your drive read the data on the disks? Insert the disk that does not autorun. Open Windows Explorer. Does the drive show the disk’s name? If it does, try viewing the contents by using the right context menu to manually browse to the disk directory. Verify if you can see the files inside.
  • If you can view the files inside, look for the autorun.inf file on the disk, run notepad to open the said file. See what file the autorun.inf points to. Locate that file and check to see if it runs when double-clicked. Did it open the installer window? Note your results as well.
  • If the installer window opened, the problem may be related to a faulty disk or corrupt autorun.inf file. If that is the case, just create a new installer disk by copying the contents of the faulty disk and correcting the appropriate autorun.inf entry to a working folder and run your CD burning program to write the modified files to the disk. In cases where the drive is unable to read the disk, use any disk recovery program such as Isobuster to extract the data you need off it.
  • But when you discover that the drive cannot read the data on your installer disk, you may need to do some cleaning on the drive optical lens located directly beneath the disk tray. Some drives have the optical lens protruding, which allows easy access for cleaning, but some will need removal of the mounting screws to be visible to the user. Do not attempt to use CD cleaners as they will just damage your optical lens.
  • A typical optical lens is a small round glasslike material part that can be cleaned using small baby-type cotton buds via a circular twist motion with your fingers. For dirty lens that cannot be cleaned by normal means, apply a drop of non-solvent liquid on the cotton bud tips and use it for cleaning. Do not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals that could damage or cloud the lens itself.
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Can’t run autorun.inf from game disk


Sometimes your autorun.inf file could be blocked by firewall, because most of viruses are coming as autorun.inf. So turn off your firewall and try this.

Sometimes disk error also causes to this error. It cannot be solved.

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