How disk defragmenter helps the computer?

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How disk defragmenter helps the computer?

I have a problem with my computer and that's I cannot run the disk defragmenter due to a corrupt file. I already deleted the said corrupted file and now when I turned on my computer, it always runs the disk check. I wait for the disk check to finished and suddenly it restarts itself. And when the computer restarts, the disk check runs again. Even when I shut it down properly. Is the problem cause by the corrupt file?
What is the problem of my computer?
What is disk defragmenter?
How it works?
How it helps the computer?
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How disk defragmenter helps the computer?


Windows disk defragmenter is a utility built into the Microsoft operating systems. The basic function of the disk defragmenter it to minimize the amount of time it takes to read and write information to a disk. It also helps to reduce system start up times. Disk defragmenter does not defragment files located in the recycling bin or files that are currently in use. Only local volumes are supported, no version currently supports network volumes. New versions included with the launch of Vista also allow for more than one volume to be defragmented a time. This has significantly decreased the amount of time this process takes.

This utility is vulnerable to the same malware, file deletions, and configuration errors that any other program on your computer is. The problem you are having with it starting itself over and over again almost sounds if there is another program running in the background. When running scandisk/disk defragmenter if anything changes the contents of the hard drive the program will restart itself. Leaving you more than frustrated and overwhelmed.

The first thing to remember is that depending on the volume of information being utilized on the computer that you can run this utility on a monthly basis. If you have anything set on a regular schedule, disable to scheduled settings. The first thing to try will eliminate any programs that are changing content on the hard drive without your knowledge. Try disabling the startup group.

This is a set of default programs that run in the background once your computer is started.

1. Click start, click run.

2. Type msconfig, click ok.

3. In the Microsoft configuration editor, click on selective startup.

4. Uncheck the box labeled load startup group.

5. Reboot the computer and run scandisk again.

6. After you complete this you are able to go back through the steps and set MSCONFIG back to normal setup.

Since you have identified a known issue with a corrupt file you may need to restore the disk fragmenter. To complete this process:

1. Click on start and type system restore in the search option, press enter.

2. Use the recommended restore point or an earlier one if you are sure that date was prior to when this issue presented itself.

3. Select next to load the backup configuration of your Defrag files.

4. Follow the onscreen directions and restart your computer as you normally would. The restore process can be reversed and does not affect any of your personal files.

It is possible that it was a virus that alerted you to the corrupt file, and it never really existed. This malware is installed and distributed on your computer without your knowledge. The defragmenter virus blocks many legitimate applications in Windows. Any rogue application can be introduced through downloads and spam email so as always be very careful when opening programs and attachments.

I would complete a full system scan with your virus software and identify any other issues that may be going on. Also I would take a look in the control panel and ensure that you do not have any third party defragmenting programs running. They may have been included in another software suite that you have been using, or could have been installed separately. If none of the above solutions work unfortunately you will need to reformat the hard drive and load the recovery disk.

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How disk defragmenter helps the computer?

  • Disk checker makes the files arrange on their locations and thus it helps to make file access easier, so it results in good speed of computer and arranged data in computer memory.
  • We cannot see how computer arranges the files but it really arranges them it is just like the room a person have and he arranges all the things in that room, other examples are also valid but I don’t want to mention them here.
  • Any how in your case it tells that your program is corrupted by some virus so you can just re install the disk checker again to make it available. But check your disk also, that it is free of errors. By going to RUN and type "CMD" there now in the opening window type "CHKDSK". It will check the disk and make shore it is error free. If not then reinstalling windows may solve your problem, if it says YES then just simply type this line and you will solve your problem.
  • Again go to START — > RUN — > ”type %Windir%inf“
  • See for the file “dfrg.inf“ and then reinstall it.
  • And it will sole your Disk check problem.


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How disk defragmenter helps the computer?


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear disk defragment is very useful tool of windows.

Defragment means to sort files near or close to each other.

When we copy files into hard disk then computer saves them randomly, not in a sequence.

It makes computer hard to work with.

But when we run defragment tool. It sorts all files in sequence and it also increases the performance of computer and disk space.

I hope it will help you to understand your question.


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