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When I try to install the software of Belkin UPS Power Management an error message appears, that is “Error: Repeatedly Running. There is an instance of setup running,

Please wait.” As a result I cannot install it.

Can anyone please help me by providing a solution?

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That’s a little problem to install that software.

You can resolve it easily by doing a simple task.

There have no any reason to worry for that.

You can follow the bellows solution regarding this issue.

Here following the solution for you :

  • At first open you’re My Computer which is located in your monitor as a small computer icon.
  • Then open your C drive or where you tried to install that software.
  • After open that drive, you should find Belkin_APM_Setting_Upfolder in that drive where you tried to install that software.
  • Now Delete that folder form your computer
  • And then try to install your software again.