Install application trace transaction user

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Would it be possible for me to install a certain application that can trace the transaction made by other users of my computer?

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Install application trace transaction user


Hi Sheryl,

It is possible that you can get an application that can trace the transactions made by other users. An instance of this application would be Transaction STAT, which can be downloaded from Google.

The software can be able to find all transactions that have been made during a specific day

This should be able to show you the transactions made within a specific day in your pc by users or just going to the last logged in status


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Install application trace transaction user


For tracing any user transaction, it is possible to do the same after installing certain application/applications.

  • Ensure the performance of business transactions.
  • For proactive detection of performance issues and defects, deep visibility into application behavior is needed.
  • It would be possible for rapid isolation of a problematic tier in an application which is multi-tiered.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting by rapidly pinpointing code-level causes of performance problems.
  • Every transaction should be recorded, tiers need to identify along with class and method and more importantly the most impact response time.
  • Intermittent performance problems should be possible for troubleshooting.
  • Problems in packaged applications for example SharePoint, PeopleSoft, and Documentum should be possible for troubleshooting and evidence to root causes needed to be provided to vendors and implementers.
  • Continuously monitor applications for detection of memory leaks.
  • Prior to deploying applications needs to be analyzed, bottlenecks that could possibly impact performance especially in production needs to be identified. This could be a slow Java , .NET methods, inefficient SQL or VM under provisioning etc.
  • Generation of  actionable information beginning  from load testing, along with  identifying performance break points within the different components of the application.

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