Cannot edit and change tags on my Microsoft Word file

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I use tags to organize my files. There are no problems when editing and changing tags in Word 2003. The problem is when I try to change and save the update on a different file, I would get an error message. The permission and the ownership appear to be set correctly. If it was incorrectly set then I would get a different message.

I have also observed that older files of Word 2003 can be viewed as a thumbnail in the document. However, there are no thumbnails when viewing a Word 2007 file, although the view thumbnail option has already been enabled. The document can still be edited and saved, but the changes that were made do not appear when searching on the Windows Explorer.

Please see the attachment for the error message.

Your assistance on this matter would greatly help to resolve this problem.

Thank you.


Apply Properties File      
An unexpected error is keeping you from applying properties to the      
file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to      
search for help with this problem.      
Error: 0x80004005: Unspecified error

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Cannot edit and change tags on my Microsoft Word file



Do you have Microsoft office 2007 and above installed on your computer?

If yes, then the problem is with reading the files. If you have an NTFS formatted partition, then you have to set properties for the files. Add your full permission to the files security.

Retag the files. You will probably not get the message. Have you uninstalled the previous Microsoft office completely without errors?

Add a problem complaint to the Microsoft forums. you will get the main problem. The error code tells every thing about the error created. Search for the error code in  the internet and you find the solution.


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