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Hi, I am having a problem with the iTunes in my iPhone

Whenever I am trying to download a song that is purchased from the iTunes store, it shows me error 35.

I repeated the process, but nothing solved. Now I need some help from you.

Do you have any idea for this?

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If you are receiving the Error (-35) message when downloading purchased songs from iTunes check if your phone has a stable internet connection. Sometimes upon downloading the file, the download gets interrupted in the middle of the process because of poor internet connection.

There are instances where the download process gets automatically aborted by the operation because of the connection interruption. And when this happens, you need to restart the download procedure again. To be able to have a good internet connection over your phone, your device should receive a good signal from your network.

If your phone doesn’t have a high 3G reception in your current location, try to move to a different place where you can get good signal reception for your phone.

You may also try updating your iPhone’s iOS software if you haven’t done already.

Sharath Reddy