Black screen issue after booting the system

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Hi experts,

My monitor is OK,but while booting the system the screen is blank.Can anyone suggest me what should I do ?


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Black screen issue after booting the system


Hi Mr. Andrew,

Usually, a blank screen is caused by any of the three reasons below.
1. Intermittent contact or defective video card.
2.Memory module may not properly seated in the PCI slot.
3.The installed memory may not be supported by the computer.
4.Please check the memory module and other components in the CPU whether it is accidentally disconnected or dislodged while installing memory.
5.Double check the right memory part number that has been used for the computer.If non-parity memory is installed on a computer that is required for error checking memory or SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) memory is installed on a system which supports only EDO RAM(extended data output random access memory), the screen may get blank at boot up.
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Black screen issue after booting the system



There are hundreds of causes that your computer will show blank screen.

1. If your PC boots up correctly showing boot menu, it means that the problem is with your OS. Re-install your OS.

2. If such doesn’t appear, you might have lost your display adapter.

3. If it is happening after you accidently shacked it heavily, it means that any of your hardware components are displaced. Open the CPU and be sure that your hardware are set properly.

4. Also be sure that power supply is OK. If your PC is not getting the required energy, it won’t be able to work.

5. If you have any plugged in USB flash drive, remove it.

6. Finally, disconnect all the hardware components of your PC and re-connect them accordingly.

This should solve your issue.

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Black screen issue after booting the system


If you know your screen or monitor is ok or working fine but you have a blank screen when booting, check that the video cable of the monitor is connected properly to the video card port at the back of the CPU. Also, make sure that the monitor is turned on.

When the screen is on, you should see a green LED on the bottom right corner of the screen. This green LED is the LED power indicator which tells you that the screen is turned on. But if the LED is not activated, the screen is probably currently off. Press the power button on the bottom side of the screen to turn the screen on.

See if this works. If this doesn’t work, check if the monitor is plugged to the power. The screen has to have power to turn it on and use it. Plug the power cable of the screen to the power and turn it on. If nothing works after all these troubleshooting, try bringing the monitor to a service center so a technician can service it.

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