SSD vs Hard Drives- Comparison between performance

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I am thinking to invest into a new PC this year. I am looking into the specs and noticed a novelty this year. What is an SSD hard drive? Can anyone tell me what makes the difference in performance and also price? Is it possible for me to have a pc with both a normal and an SSD hard drive on board? I have seen similar configuration on Alienware systems. 

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SSD vs Hard Drives- Comparison between performance

SSD drives are devices that store data on an interconnected flash memory chip which can retain data even without power.
Actually, they have a lot in common, both can boot your computer, store large amount of personal data and store your applications.
The thing these two differs is the speed, HDD has read heads and uses read/write algorithm, so if the HDD starts to fill up, the slower it becomes while the SSD doesn’t have read heads, it stores data in its chips making it inherently faster.
For the same amount of capacity, you’ll be paying 10 times more or at most for some dealers.
Performance wise, SSD will win, but for a premium price not affordable to many.
You can use both on your system, I suggest, you install your OS to your SSD to start up your computer and run applications faster, while using HDD as your data storage. 

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