Ask about VGA Reball Technique

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Hello TechyV experts!

Please, I want to know about VGA reball technique. I need your step by step tutorial or video tutorial will be much better. It's hard to find.


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Ask about VGA Reball Technique



You are probably referring to BGA Reballing and not VGA reballing.

BGA Reballing is a highly specialized procedure for me to discuss at length here.

Since there's a wealth of information on this topic, I will provide you with links that will help you understand and get started on reballing your BGA chips.

This links to a PDF file with details on how to do BGA reballing. It comes complete with photos to help you understand the procedures better.


This video demonstrates BGA reballing being done at home using a pancake grill to heat up the component.

Here's another good one demonstrating how to remove the graphics chip from a laptop computer.

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