Tesla K20 and Tesla K10

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I want to know about Tesla K20 and Tesla k10 chips of Nvidia.Details with full system specification will be great.

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Tesla K20 and Tesla K10


The newest addition from NVIDIA family is the Tesla K10 and K20 GPUs which are both a computing simulator that can hold the composite High-Performance Computing issues today. This is formed with a powerful core on high performance and great power productivity. Kepler is thrice effective as its own predecessor which is the NVIDIA Fermi Architecture. It forms a new standard for similar computing after it was announced two years ago. 

The NVIDIA Tesla K10 GPU brings the world's ultimate throughput for signal, image and the impact of the processing applications. Boosted for the customers in oil and gas exploration and defense industry, one Tesla K10 accelerator board has two GK104 Kepler GPUs that brings a collective presentation of a 4.58 teraflops of the top accuracy floating point and 320GB/s memory bandwidth. 

The NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU is the newest leading GPU in the Tesla product family, structured for the extremely computationally concentrated HPC setting. This is likely to be the world's ultimate performance, extreme power resourceful GPU; this is expected to be available for the fourth quarter of 2012.

High-Performance Computing issues

The Tesla K20 depends on the GK110 Kepler GPU. It brings three times beyond two precision weigh against the Fermi architecture-based Tesla products and it bears the Hyper-Q and vibrant similarity functions.

The GK110 GPU is likely to be integrated with the newest Titan super PC at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and the Blue Waters system at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Tesla K10 is now available, but the Tesla K20 will not be available till the 4th quarter of 2012.

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Tesla K20 and Tesla K10


I believe these details would help you about Tesla K20 and Tesla K10 let me begin with

NVIDIA Tesla K10- GK104 based

The GPU or graphics processing unit speeds up by PCI Express GEN3, the packing would be 4.376 x10.5×1.52 all in inches), the over -all memory is 8 GB with 4 GB per GPU and this GPU comes in 6 & pin connector. And finally the BIOS has 2 Mbit Serial ROM.Graphics processing unit speeds up by PCI Express GEN3

NVIDIA Tesla K20- GK110 based

Also called Monster GPU which is packed in 7.1 billion transistors, this will be available at the 4th Quarter of the year. The memory bus is upgrade to 384 bits with six 64 bit controllers in PARALLEL. With this parallel programming it will be able to accelerate the process. It has a multi processor which speeds up to 3 x performances per watt. It uses CUDA core which increases GPU utilization by means of Hyper Q. 

Monster GPU which is packed in 7.1 billion transistors

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