ATI Radeon Display Driver Error

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I have a Dell laptop running on Windows XP home edition. Because of a virus attack, all of my data were wiped out, including the recovery disk and device drivers.

I have installed a fresh copy of the operating system and downloaded all the drivers.

But I am facing trouble with my ATI Radeon X300 Card driver. When I try to install this, it shows an error:


• Setup was unable to complete the installation.
• Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.
• [OK]
When I press the OK button, setup stops and closes the window. I am unable to understand what I should do next. 
I have ATI Radeon X300 Version 8.2, which is the same driver I used before the crash.
Though I can see the display, but it is not good and can’t be set in 1024×768 pixel mode. 
Can anybody provide me with guidance?
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ATI Radeon Display Driver Error


Download this ATI Radeon X300 Catalyst Software Suite v.10.2. Here is the link.

  • After your download is finish, uninstall your ATI Radeon X300 Version 8.2. Restart the computer.
  • Install your ATI Radeon X300 Catalyst Software Suite v.10.2. Restart the computer.
  • If your computer does not have the updated .NetFrameWork you will receive an error because Catalyst Software requires an updated .NetFrameWork.

After you have restarted the computer, Catalyst Software will prompt you what type of .NetFrameWork you will need to update. It could be 2.0, 3.5 or 4.0. Just update your .NetFrameWork and restart your computer then you can now you can use your computer normally. You can adjust your preferred screen resolution.

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ATI Radeon Display Driver Error


Hi good day,

This kind of problem due to some viruses attack though your laptop, during installation of ATI Radeon x300 card drive you got some error message.

You can download your ATI Radeon X300 driver in this site;

Please enter the code below so that you can start your download process. If this issue will not solve try to use Genius Driver to update the entire driver of your laptop.

Thank you, hope it helps. 



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ATI Radeon Display Driver Error


Good Day…

This problem in Video Graphic Card in your laptop system is manly a big problem.. Either the Hardware will be involve or the software that needs to be replace.. If its about the software. You need to reboot or reprogram your laptop. With this solution, for sure your laptop will work. Because this will regenerate its program to a new software installed.

But if its hardware.. Theres nothing you can do. Either REPLACE the graphic card, IF  the part is available or just REPLACE the whole unit with brand new. As a technician we save and reused the unit  that can used and repair.

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ATI Radeon Display Driver Error


I successfully downloaded the missing driver. Thank you all for playing a major role on fixing it. Thanks also to

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