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There is a speculation that, Apple HDTV will be coming in the fourth quarter of this year. Is it true or rumor?

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Apple HDTV is an ongoing rumor; it is not declared by the Apple Corporation that they are going to launch such type of HDTV. This rumor comes from two sore:

One: An image poster by the Best Buy surveys to customers and they mention that the price should be around 1499$. But it is not confirmed that the HDTV is coming or not.

Second: It is a presumption of the people that, The Cofounder of Apple Sir Steve Jobs in his biography mention that he has finally rupture the code for a new version of TV.

So, on this basis people got crazy that the HDTV is going to cost so much and so many.

The screen sort of Best Buy surveys:

Apple HDTV

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