Error -2000: Cannot play movies using Quicktime 7

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Hi everyone,

After creating my research, I wanted to watch a short video. That is why I opened a video file at QuickTime 7. I cannot open the file and watch the video, because of this error message that said, "Error -2000".  

I pasted the screen shot below.

Error -2000:  a necessary data reference could not be resolved (A Goofy Movie.mp4)

I am wondering about the error message. Since this is my first time to encounter such an error, I checked my computer for some virus that might infect my computer. After a full scan, there was no virus found, I reinstalled QuickTime 7 and the same error persisted when opening a file.

I rebooted my computer, in hope that after a fresh start it will be okay, but same error persisted.

Please share some ideas on my issue.


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Error -2000: Cannot play movies using Quicktime 7


Hello Mettewgems,

Please follow the below instructions to resolve the problem:

  • To resolve this problem you need to download PC  version of Quick Time Pro from the Apple website.
  • After finishing download you need to install it on your PC by following onscreen instruction.
  • Then you have to restart your PC.
  • Then go to the Quick Time Pro player and launch the program by clicking on the Start option.
  • Then click on the open option from the top of the main screen from the PC.
  • You can see that a window will open. Then double click on your MOVIE file which is not working properly to close windows.
  • You have to wait for a couple of seconds for your MOVIE file to appear.
  • Then you have to select the “Show movie properties” from the windows drop down menu.
  • Then click on the check box on the “Enable” tab and next click on the video track check box.
  • Then you have to close the windows and then select the play button.

I hope the issue will be solved.

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Error -2000: Cannot play movies using Quicktime 7


Hi Mattewgems,

Quick time 7 can't play files with .MP4.  Try to convert it for you to play it with QuickTime. You may download it here

After you download, follow these steps:

  1. At the quick time bar, Click File then Open File
  2. Locate the movie that is in .mp4 format
  3. Then, Click the File and send it to Save Exported File As
  4. After which you will find the Export Menu Bar then Click the Movie to Quicktime Movie
  5. Then click Save and wait for the conversion process.

hope it helps,

Stephen J.

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