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Whenever I try to start Apache in XAMPP, it starts momentarily and then stops. How can I go about solving this frustrating problem.


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Hi dear,

Do you know, I just have the same problem today morning. I was really confused with that also. But finally I found the solution. This happens due to security issues of the server’s listening port. By default the listening port of the apache server is 80. But the port 80 is blocked sometimes since it is the port use to access the internet by your local machine.  Or maybe the skype is in active mode.

You have two ways to solve this. One is close and quit the skype before you run the apache server.

If it is not working then you have to change the listening port of the apache server. For that go to the xampp installation folder (By default it is C:\xampp). Then there is a folder called “apache”. Go inside it and another folder is there called “conf”. The configuration file for apache server is located in that place. It is called “httpd.conf” open it with notepad. When you scroll down you will see this kind of 3 statements.


#Listen [::]:80

Listen 80

This means the listen port is 80. Change it to another number. (It is better you can change it to 8080).

Then it should be look like this.


#Listen [::]:80

Listen 8080

Now try to start the apache server.