Advantages and disadvantages of using linux

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what is the drawback of using linux?and also tell the advantages of using linux?

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Advantages and disadvantages of using linux



Advantages :

1.It is licensed free,you need not to worry for buying any application or registering it as Microsoft does.

2.It provides multitasking,you can have multiple programs running at the same time.

3.Security is not the issue,as Linux is one of the most Secure OS.

4.With its compatibility support you can run all unix packages.

5.Linux continue working well even if the hard disk is full.


1.Many Windows apps are not supported on Linux.

2.Linux is not user friendly as Windows is.

3.Peripheral devices such as printer,scanner option is limited in Linux.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using linux



There are Advantages and Disadvantages of using Linux:

Advantages of Linux:

Cheap – Linux is a freeware compare to Microsoft products which is very expensive and the license is  for one PC only.          Linux is Free, you can install it without a limit.

More Secure – More secure the Microsoft/No virus protection cost compare to Microsoft. 

Freeware – Downloadable to internet for free.

Good Software – simple modification/user friendly/free update.

Perfect for old hardware – Linux can still run those old PC, even if you're PC is on garage it can still run compare to Windows which become outdated.


Disadvantages of Linux:

Adjustment – The system is not familiar to anybody, it will take some time to adjust. You still search to the internet to be familiar on it.

Not Compatible – Due to freeware software this program also behind on the new hardware out in the market.

No Alternative Programs available – Linux developers have different idea on their software so there is a tendency that they cannot match up the microsoft equivalent programs especially the popular one. Still no alternative until now.



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Advantages and disadvantages of using linux


Hello there!

               First of all there's a lot of good things in Linux, Whenever your  application got crashed and hanged up that also includes the activities that you are doing the moment  it happened, you have to reboot and start all over again, but when your using Linux it's the same thing you also have to reboot but the good thing is when your application crashes, it will not harm the main memory and other processor. Another good thing about Linux is it has a Multi-tasking capabilities, it can handle manage and regulate a lot of task or processes because one of the features of Linux is that it is well design in memory allocation to keep system lag at a minimum and that's how effective Linux in doing Multi-tasking. 

                However there are also Disadvantages that Linux has one of which is that not all hardware are compatible with it, those latest hardwares or those advance made hardware cannot be use with Linux or you'll have an option to use other parties but then again it accumulate another expenses. another disadvantage in Linux is that you need to really learn on its technical side because there are technical issues that are most likely different from other windows and its very disadvantage financially and aside from that shifting to Linux gives you a problem in configuring devices because it is very difficult.

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