Waiting for audio to respond

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Waiting for audio to respond This message shows up when i select the volume increase option.

Please tell the solution of this problem.

Have deleted the pulse folder in home folder. but no vain.

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Waiting for audio to respond


If you are experiencing slow processing in your computer then you can either have a virus in your computer or you might have corrupted files on the corresponding item that you are trying to access.

Solution 1:

Try reinstalling the driver for the sound once again, you might have some error on stopping it during shutting down.

Solution 2:

Check for any viruses in your system because sometimes it cause all the problems in your computer like removing certain files or replacing it.

Solution 3:

The viruses might be too strong to delete and it will force you to reformat your whole system.

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Waiting for audio to respond


This seems to be the issue with your sound card driver files.

You can get rid of this issue by following these steps,

  • Go to System > Preferences > Startup applications
  • Then click on Add.
  • Now you have to name the startup application
  • Now, under command type “/user/bin/pulseaudio”
  • Then logout and restart the system.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem.

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Waiting for audio to respond


Aside from going to Startup Applications and adding the “/usr/bin/pulseaudio” command in the “Startup programs” tab as instructed in the previous post which didn’t worked for some users, another way of fixing it is by deleting the “.pulse” folder. To try this, click on the Places menu then go to Home folder or open the Home folder with Nautilus.

Next, press CTRL + H to show hidden folders on this directory. After this, delete the “.pulse” folder and then restart your computer. See if this worked for you. This error with the sound system is a bit odd. The sound system doesn’t respond when you try to open the sound properties throwing the message “Waiting for Sound system to respond”.

What’s interesting about this is that it also happens even on new installations.

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