Problem when Installing Ubuntu on My PC

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I have a trouble when installing ubuntu. My Personal Computer  use 1TB harddisk but it can't be detected. But if I use 500 GB harddisk, it can be detected. Is there any solution with this problem?


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Problem when Installing Ubuntu on My PC


There is only 1 reason to why your 1tb harddisk is not getting detected. Actually it is in a format that is not recognized by the ubuntu linux package.

What you can do is put the hard disk back inside the pc. Insert a windows cd and during the installation process, completely format and delete all the partitions. Quit the process.

Now put the ubuntu cd back on and now you will be able to see the hard disk in the options.

This normally happens in mac installation options but due to some limitations in the linux OS it happens to other users too.

you can also watch few tutorials over the internet to see how it works.

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Problem when Installing Ubuntu on My PC


I don’t think that’s possible if you plan on installing Linux Ubuntu and you only have 1 TB hard drive because this size is lower than the maximum partition size supported by most common Linux file systems. If Linux Ubuntu can’t detect your 1 TB hard drive, make sure the drive itself is detected in the BIOS.

There’s no way for a hard drive to be undetected if the BIOS detects the drive itself. Restart your computer and go to the BIOS by pressing the DEL button on your keyboard when the computer starts. Go to the hard drive detection section and detect your 1 TB hard drive. If it can’t be detected, check the jumper setting of the drive if it is correct.

Since you plan on installing Linux Ubuntu on the drive, the drive itself should be set to “Primary Master” using the jumper setting. Consult the diagram on top of the drive for proper pin configuration. Note: before you change the jumper setting of the drive, turn off your computer first. Once the drive is detected, you should be able to install Linux Ubuntu.

The most common file systems used by Linux are ext2, ext3, and ReiserFS. The ext2 file system supports a partition size from 2 TB up to 32 TB. This is also the same with the ext3 file system. For the ReiserFS file system, it supports a maximum partition size of 16 TB.

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