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I was watching a video in YouTube when plug-in errors occurred. I checked if my plug-ins need updating, but  Firefox tells me that Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in with Version 11.5 was already outdated. I tried to update it few times. I then restarted the browser and even the PC, but it keeps on telling me that it is out of date. Please advise me on what other steps I need to do.

Thank you.

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This is a common problem reported in the Mozilla forum.

The Plug-in Check Page keeps on telling that the shockwave for the director plug-in is outdated, even if you have the latest version installed.

For the time being what you should do is go to :

Firefox "Tools -> Add-ons -> Plugins" list.  It should show Shockwave  for director Netscape Plugin version

There is nothing else for you to do.


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Hello Rica,

This is a type of a bug that has been filed in Firefox official forum. The main cause of this error message is the Firefox User Agent string, which is used to identify the websites. You can have your issue resolved by resetting your user agent in the preferences of your Firefox as;

·         In the Location bar write about:config then hit Enter.

·         Search for the desired user agent using the search field.

·         Reset all the preferences by right clicking on them.

Finally, clear all the History and Cookies files then restart your browser.