Need to know Essential Firefox Plugins or Extensions

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Firefox plugins that you can not live as regards WebDev . My list would be: DBGBar , DOM Inspector, Pyromaniac, Firecookie Google bar (useful for SEO) tools HTTP live Reload TamperData Web Developer. I'm always looking for new , so I am wondering if anyone knows of any great, I missed any ?

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Need to know Essential Firefox Plugins or Extensions


There is a huge collection of plug-ins or extensions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and of course, installing them depends on your interest and your need for the extension. Since I guess you are interested on web developments tools, you can try User Agent Switcher. This Mozilla Firefox extension adds a toolbar and a menu button to switch the user agent of the browser.

The latest version is User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 and it requires Mozilla Firefox 1.0 until 33. Another one you can try is the Firebug extension. It lets you integrate Mozilla Firefox with Firebug to add an abundant development tools. It allows you to edit, debug, and monitor JavaScript, HTML, and CSS live in any web page. To download, visit Firebug 2.0.6.

Firebug 2.0.6 requires Mozilla Firefox 30.0a1 until 35.0. Another one is the Font Finder. This extension is mainly designed for developers, typographers, and designers. It lets the user analyze the font information in any element of a page, copy any portion of that information to the clipboard, and carry out inline replacements to try new layouts. Visit Font Finder 1.1.1 to download.

Font Finder 1.1.1 requires Mozilla Firefox 1.5 until 35.0.

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