The Adobe Flash Player Security

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I don’t know why but, when I run my flash application from my XP PC system and connect to the Remote Flash Media Server I get an error message. But when I run it to another PC system, let’s say a Vista PC, it works fine. It is really confusing.

Is the problem in the flash or on my PC? If it’s in flash, what should I do? And if it’s in my PC system, is there a way to fix it?

Here is what the error says,

Adobe Flash Player Security

Adobe Flash Player Security:

Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation

The following local application on your computer or network:



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The Adobe Flash Player Security


The warning box from Adobe Flash Player is not an error, but it shows you information that the Adobe Flash Player only block the .swf file from local computer. But if the files are from the web server, Adobe Flash Player won't block it to run. To show you .swf file locally:

When the warning box pops up again, click Settings.

Adobe Flash Player Security

This will open Global Security Panel like this.

Settings Manager

Now enter the address file or folder of your .swf files below Edit Locations. It should be like this.

Edit Location
After you edit the trust location, close the Setting Manager dialog box. Refresh the content of your browser, or restart your applications.

This should show you .swf files on your PC. Full info you can find.

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