Adobe Flash Player Not Found

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I am receiving an error that Adobe Flash Player Not Found.

I download many versions of flash players and Debuggers from adobe site.

After installing these versions I open my project.

But I can’t get success. I receive below error again.

Adobe Flash Player Not Found

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Plyaer.plugin

Flash Builder cannot locate the required version of Adobe Flash Player.

You might need to install the Flash Player or reinstall Flash Builder.

Do you want to try to run you application with the current version?

                                                                                    Yes                  No

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Adobe Flash Player Not Found



As mentioned in the error message, reinstalling Flash builder or installing the Flash player will not resolve this issue. 

The problem arises when you don’t use the HTML wrapper to launch the app.

By default in the Project Properties (Project / Properties / Flex Compiler / HTML wrapper), “Generate HTML wrapper file” is checked.

This means that when you run the app (or debug it), an HTML wrapper will be created and your default browser (or the one you manually set in Windows / Preferences / General / Web Browser) will be launched pointing to the location of that wrapper. And most of the time it will work as the Flash Player installation above usually does its job.

But if the “Generate HTML wrapper file” is unchecked, Flash Builder will attempt to launch it without web browsers.
The problem is that it doesn’t even know the path to the Flash Player by default, even though it’s located in one of its own subfolders:
C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4playerwin10.1FlashPlayerDebugger.exe

The solution is to make sure your .swf files are associated to the debug Flash Player:
1. In the Windows Explorer, right click on any .swf file you find
2. “Open with…”, “Choose default program…”, “Browse…”
3. Find your Debug Flash Player, most likely located somewhere in the vicinity of C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4playerwin10.1FlashPlayerDebugger.exe

This should fix the issue that you are having with the Flash player.

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Adobe Flash Player Not Found


I think what you had done here is you already a flash player on your Mac and then when you needed debugging you got the debugger installed, and that was what started the problem.

So first uninstall the flash player with Flash Player Uninstaller.

Then Download and Install this Adobe Flash Player Debugger.

Now after un installing old flash player and installing new debugger you are ready to set up debugging, go to View trace() statements in the terminal on os x and check the instruction out on how to set up the debugger on Mac terminal.

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