Can I change the license of Joomla School Templates as I want?

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I have created new Joomla Templates by using some Joomla School Templates. Currently it is licensed under a Creative Commons. So it provides the permission to the public to share and to use my work. But I do not want it to be like that for the modified Joomla School Templates by me.

I just want to know the ability of changing the license. Can I adapt another license after change the Joomla template?

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Can I change the license of Joomla School Templates as I want?



Hi there Jdonnel,
Changing the license on your website is really simple thing to do – just switch from Creative Commons to All rights reserved. I don't know what template you've been changing, so I can't give you the right answer if that is legal or not. For that answer please visit the template developers web page.
Still, you should think about if this is fair or not. If you took someone's code and just replaced the images or vice versa, it is only fair to tweak a bit your Creative Common license so part of the template can and part can't be used.
Also, keep in mind that Joomla is an open source CMS so you have no rights over the Joomla source code.
Hope this helped,
Drake Vivian
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Can I change the license of Joomla School Templates as I want?




All Creative Commons Licenses allow anyone to edit, copy or distribute the source code however they wish.

There are several licenses under this category, so I will give you a brief description of each.

1.   CC BY- this particular license allows you to develop the licensor’s and redistribute it as long as you give the license holder the credit for creating he template. The CC BY is the most common.

2.   CC BY ND- allows redistribution in a commercial or non-commercial environment. Just make sure the template is unchanged.

3.   CC BY-SA this one allows you to tweak and develop the template further for commercial and non-commercial use as long as you credit the original license holder.

4.   CC BY-NC allows you to tweak, redevelop for non- commercial purposes only.

5.   CC BY-NC-ND, this particular license, only allows you to share with others while acknowledging the original licensor without changing or using it for commercial purposes.

6.   CC BY-NC-SA allows you to build upon the template for non-commercial use only as long as you acknowledge the designer.

As you may have discovered, it is unlawful to copy and modify someones work then paste a copyright sticker on it.

For further information, visit Creative Commons.

Have a good one. 

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