Address bar of IE can no longer be found

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Hey Experts,

I am really kind of excited that from my Windows 2000, I have upgraded to Windows Vista. I am contented, until I encountered a problem.

The address bar of the Internet Explorer 7 is no longer found. How do I get it back? Appreciate if someone can provide a solution.


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Address bar of IE can no longer be found



  • Address bar may be invisible if address bar option is disabled in the view toolbar menu.
  • Enable address bar option by selecting toolbars from the view menu.
  • If that doesn’t work try out the following.
  • Click start and go to Run. Type “REGSVR32 /i BROWSEUI.DLL” and hit enter key. Reboot your PC and check again.
  • If that also doesn’t work most probably address bar may be hidden,

1. From the main menu toolbar, click on view and the select Toolbars.
2. In the toolbar list, uncheck the address bar option.
3. If the address bar is not available but visible on the upper side, right click on an address and click lock toolbar in order to remove the check mark.
4. Then, click and drag the address bar to a relevant location.

5. Drag Down as show in the image to view address bar if it is hidden.

Address bar option is disabled in view toolbar menu
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Address bar of IE can no longer be found


Hi Good morning, the menu bar has to be made after the installation of Internet Explorer 7.

  1. Click right and spot space on tool bar. Select a mark next to the menu bar.
  2. You will see that in Internet Explorer 7, Menu bar is put under Address bar.
  3. Open notepad. Click Start and Run. Type in Notepad and OK.
  4. Copy and paste ’REGEDIT4’ into Notepad. The code shall not be modified.
  5. Then copy and paste [HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar/WebBrowser.
  6. Then copy and paste this ‘ITBar7position’d word:00000001’. This is a reg key.
  7. Choose ‘Save as’ and change save type to ‘All File’.
  8. Name the file with extension of .reg e.g. IE7_Toolbar_fix.reg.
  9. A registry fix is just created. Choose the created file.
  10. A confirming screen for registry key will appear. Close IE and open it again. Now In Menu Bar appears at top of Windows.

Hope this could help.


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Address bar of IE can no longer be found


Hello My Dear,

It is very easy to get the address bar back. Sometimes, due to neglect we do something harmful to our computers. Do this to get the address bar back. Click on “View” from the menu bar. It will open a drop down list. Then, click on the toolbars in this list, then one more list will appear. Click on “Address Bar” in this list. It will show you an address bar in Internet Explorer. Do the following actions, as shown in this picture.

Toolbars address bar

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