Access Denied Error on Windows 2003

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I’m having “access denied” error when logging in to my computer that has Windows 2003 Server. 

It was working perfectly fine before but the error keeps on appearing when logging in as the Administrator.

What is causing the issue?

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Access Denied Error on Windows 2003


Hello Adam,

I suggest you to verify if your terminal services has been enabled.

You also need to verify if you have correctly configured your computer firewall.

And affirm if you are a member of user group in remote desktop in logging in you can use the local or domain administrator account.

To enable terminal services, please do the following steps:

  • Go to control Panel
  • Select Add/Remove Program
  • Add terminal server role in add/remove windows features
  • Enter terminal services or remote administration

If you haven't installed terminal services yet, go to this link

I hope it helps. Good luck!


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Access Denied Error on Windows 2003


The possible cause of this problem is because another user may be having an encrypted the file, and therefore you will need to check that using the following procedure:

  1. You will need to start Windows Explorer, and then you will click Detail on the View menu so as you can be able to view the details of the folder's contents.
  2. You will then click Choose Columns from the View menu, and thereafter select the Attributes check box so as to add the Attributes column to the current view, and also to view the file attributes. In case there is an "E" in the Attributes column for that file, then that file has been encrypted.

You will need resolve that issue by decrypting it, and that action will need to be done the user that encrypted that file, or alternatively by the designated Recovery agent.

The reason as to why it has to be done that way is because the files that have been encrypted by the use of an Encrypting File System can only be accessed by the person that encrypted that file, even if there are other permissions that are on the file.

Clair Charles


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