Windows SBS 2003 not working after connection reset

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I have been able to get access to the Web, but cannot get access to the main system.

I have a dealing system and it is set up on a hosting server. Windows SBS 2003 is installed in the server. I had to reset the whole connection, as we have moved our office. Now, I am facing some problems. Customers are able to get connected to the web, but they cannot hook up to the Firms Network using the system hosting server DOYLE. One thing I found was that, one ip address from the SCOPES, named 192.168.0, has stopped working. I found it when I checked the DHCP server. Another SCOPE is 192.168.1.

It may be the router; however, after I triggered that SCOPE, the previous problem was solved. But, a new one was raised, with customers not being able to access to the web now. Just to be sure, I switched of the SCOPE again, then users were able to get a connection to the Web, but network entry was denied.

 Can you please explain what the actual problem here is? It would be great to get a reply from your end.

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Windows SBS 2003 not working after connection reset


I think that there is a miss match of IP addresses in your whole system. When you try to fix one IP, it conflicts with others.

  1. First make sure that there is no conflicting IPs in your system.
  2. Define the rules first and then implement it.
  3. Turning the DHCP off can be useful as it will eliminate the fact of conflicting IP. You must define the IP addresses manually. Also, set the two IP address far apart from each other.
  4. Ask your customers to restart your network, maybe it can solve the problem at their end too.
  5. If still you get the error, then it is time to call a network specialist to deal with the situation.

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