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Author: Scott martin
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I'm trying to send a message using Outlook Express under SMTP but I usually get 505-Relaying not allowed error. Is there possibly some configuration problems that I have to deal with? What can I do with it?

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Hello Scott,

Depending on your Internet ServiceProvider or ISP, the exact error message might differ. Most ISPs might not go back an error message whenever they have notice outgoing messages as a spontaneous commercial email. In those cases, your message might show to be send normally- it leaves the MS Outlook outbox and shows in Sent Items, however, it is never really delivered to the receiver.

Your message has discarded because the SMTP email server did not identify you as an approved user. SMTP is the protocol that standardizes the computers that use to correspond with each other so that most email servers use to send email messages through out the internet. When you use an email program such as MS Outlook, it lets you to accumulate your email messages on your computer. You need access from an SMTP Server to send email messages smoothly.

Hope this information helps.