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Computer viruses are one of the biggest threats which are spreading like forest fire all over the computer world. What is the best AntiVirus Software of the Year 2011 Reviews

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Hello there!

For the year 2011, according to the survey wise and reviews from different people, the top Anti-Virus Software for the said year is BitDefender Anti-Virus, this is from TopTen Reviews. According to them, they have been impressed by BitDefender for years and that the said anti-virus software continues to innovate and improve year by year to maintain the top rank. There are other Anti-Virus software that also comes in second with BitDefender for their outstanding performance from people who actually use them and these are the Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Norton Anti-Virus.

BitDefender had its top rank among others since it is easy to use, its effectiveness and most importantly, its wide scope of protection against virus. Also, BitDefender has this feature that disposes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) threats which is now incomprehensible with its widespread system.

Hope it answered your question.

Thank you.