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Category: Firefox


I am having difficulties saving a new glossary entry. What could be the problem? When I click “Save” in the Question Bank spot it goes through, which means the errors in message below does not work.

Server not found Firefox can't find the server at the view .php. Check the address for typing errors such as instead of" 

Any help out there?

I would really appreciate. I do not understand why I can't go back to the Glossary Entry page.

Server not found

Category: Desktops

Do I need to replace my monitor? When I turn on my Desktop I am sure that it boots normally and I can hear the sound so I can really say that my computer is working fine except the monitor. Is this somewhat related to software or my monitor needs to be replaced?

Category: Internet

What's wrong with my phone? It detects wi-fi signal but wouldn't connect. It's not a password issue. Can you help me?

Category: MySQL Server

I have made a database that consists of product codes with their corresponding prices. I encoded the product codes and then tried to update the database but when running the MDF file, it is still showing the updated product codes. Does anyone knows how to avoid this permanently?

Category: Web

So I have this problem with Joomla layout in the components. I keep getting this 500 error View not found [name, type, prefix]: PostToBank, postToBankView The view is in views/postTobank/view.php and name is post ToBankViewPostToBank In my controllers/controller.php. So what can I do?

Category: Web

When your office DNS server is down and you want to view a DNS address record of your company’s domain, which of the TCP/IP utilities would allow you to view the DNS address? 

As I am enjoying my WMV 11 or movie/x-microsoft-WMV, an error “A Security problem occurred.” appears on my Windows XP computer. This appears on the page through Gamer Advertising Online page. How can I resolve it?