Question about AppleTalk for VLAN

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I have a question about needing to have AppleTalk configured for a VLAN, since OSX 6 no longer supports Appletalk. Some client machines are using Leopard 10.5. I have already said that it is probably unnecessary to have that setting. I have been told its easy enough to add if its needed later. They are installing a new VLAN switch to solve an authentication problem that the MAC users are having.

Thanks for any input.

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Question about AppleTalk for VLAN


You have mentioned that you have Apple Talk configured for a LAN since OSX 6 no longer supports Apple Talk. I have read your question quite clearly and I think I have found the solution as well. Try to implement what I suggest to you.

What ever you want to do, it should only be necessary if using MACS with OS 9 on them. The one you are talking about OS-X based won't require Apple Talk. Also you can instruct networking, that Apple Talk should be unnecessary and they are no problems yet.

So well, I think I have mentioned or instructed you clearly and I can also hope that you may be able to help, to get the solution.

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