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Category: Internet

Hello there,

Hopefully I'm posting in the right place.  

Hope any one will answer my question even though it's not really for a laptop or a desktop computer.  I need suggestions on what kind of software I can use for a running a restaurant.  What kind do they use in TGI Friday's?

Thanks so much!

Category: Web

Hi techyv,

 I have 2 accounts in dropbox.  One for work and one for personal use.  Do I need to re-install dropbox for the second account?  If not, how to I log off from one account to the other on the taskbar so that it syncs my files for work instead of my personal files? 

Category: MS Word

I want to print on envelopes that are a custom size, but they are too wide for my printer HP 3052A. Can I run them through lengthwise? How do I set this up? 

What is the best compression ratio for blu-ray to AVI or MP4?

Category: Windows XP

I run a small business and I want to ask a general question about windows XP.  Up to how many users can I have on one pc?  What is the maximum limit?


E. Richardson

Category: Apple OS

There are a couple of word files that I wanted to restore and I have been attempting for a while now, but apparently, these files are suspended within the application. They are visible in the interface on my tablet and phone and on the cloud computing interface itself but in the digital application screen, the cloud computing application just hung on the updating status bar.

I tried putting another word file and it worked well. I tried exiting the application and re-launching it but it still was not working. I am now led to believe that the whole structure is suspending it. Should I call the customer service or is there still an easy fix for this problem?

Please give me an advice on what should I do. Thank you! 

Hello friends. I have a high definition camcorder which I used in my last business trip. I recorded a total of 300+ clips. But when I attempt to add clips in DVDMF7, I received an error "The maximum number of video clips is 99." The output for 99 clips will be 37 minutes and will need a total of 4 DVD disc to record all the clips. Is there a way to combine the four clips together? And then combine those joined clips to four different times? Do I need any software to achieve this? Please help.

Hello! I installed SIMS 2 Bon Voyage few days ago. It was working well at first, but today I got an error “D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE!” I reinstalled the game thinking that it can solve the problem, but I am receiving the same error message.

Is there something wrong with my settings?

Please help.


The Sims 2 Bon Voyage

Direct3D returned an error: D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE! The application will now terminate.