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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Windows XP.  I'm trying to reinstall my Realtek RTL81885 wireless LAN USB 2.0 802.11n but I could not find the software that came with it.  Where can I find the RTL81885 wlan adaptor driver?

Category: Anti-Virus

On having used windows, it comes up, the following error took place (was produced).

Text cannot be started because it already does not exist

AVG Free Edition

Text cannot be started because it already does not exist.

How can I ever solve...?


I have tried several times to open DCHP-client log messages for Windows 7 but can't.

So how do it.

Leave me an answer for helping.


I need to export discussion of Microsoft Access to Google earth. Does anyone can help me to export  this to Google earth. I need it with little urgency.


Category: Misc Software

My network license manager is not running in receiving an official license? Why is this?

Licensing Error
A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager.
If you are still unable to access a license, contact your system administrator
Error [0.0.0]’

Category: Internet

Once upon a time I was busy with playing a non steam game (the ball, if that matters), and was running excellent in the environment, then unexpectedly my PC halt entirely. I thought it would come to its first position after sometime. So I decided to go out and took some food. After some time I went there again and I looked my PC is still hot. So I switched the computer physically

I reboot the computer, the whole thing looking to be as it should, but when I start again the steam it shows this error message;

Steam - error

Steam - Error

Category: Software Others

I tried to open my current sequence in EDL Manager and encountered this error “Error: Avid EDL Manager Error: Assertion Failed: (from_event ) !=0 File:

Snapshots/releng.relengintel4_1221705213/vobs/ppg/MCTop/ProjectFiles/../..EDL_Mgr/EDL_Core/edlDecompose.c, Line: 1794”, what could be the cause?

A serious program error has occurred

Avid EDL Manager

A serious program error has occurred.

Restarting the application is recommended.

If you need further assistance record the following

information and call Avid Customer Support:

Error: Assertion Failed: (from_event ) !=0

Category: Misc Software

I have an ongoing case study about the benefits of XML on a large enterprise. The company that I've selected is BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). It was a successful automobile company, indeed. I just want to hear your opinions and ideas on why do you think working with XML BMW became more successful with its operations. Thanks!

Category: Mobile Browsers

I had the will to downloads super pad in android with full integration.Whereas the browsers couldn't allow to accept downloads.Would you explain the situation.

I know I can use text filters on web browsers and programming languages, but can I also use it in my computer like when searching for a file? Because the windows search thing is not that really reliable.