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I'm thinking of getting a Dell Venue 8 Pro. How is it compared to other products like the Microsoft Surface 2 or the Nokia Lumia 2520? Are there certain features I need to be aware of when getting any of these tablets so that I can select the best one for me?

Category: Peripherals

I have a Chromebook and I'm having problems connecting my Cool Stream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. When I play music from the Chromebook, it plays fine, but if it is connected to the headset, the audio stops playing and I could not hit play anymore. Can somebody assist me on this please?

Category: Mobile Software

Since Mailbox is now owned by Dropbox and its version has been updated to 2.0, what are the notable improvements of it now? Does it come with any security concern? If I am going to use Mailbox, do I need to install Dropbox too? Does it finally have exchange support?

It seems that cloud printing may be good printing solution. In Google cloud print, is it going to work only on cloud print ready printers or is it backward compatible? Are there only a few selected printers that will work on this solution or is it supported by most printer manufacturers?

Category: MS Word

I have created my resume using Word 2013, and now when I try to open it in Word 2003 to modify it, it doesn't open properly. It gives me a bunch of unrecognizable characters. What do I need to install so I can view my resume in Word 2003 and hopefully be able to edit it. Thanks.

Category: Misc Software

I use my Apple TV 3 to stream video, but playing XBMC videos doesn't prompt full screen like the available videos in ios do. It only shows a small screen with many black bars on the side. Is there a way I can get it in full screen? Or any way I can get the screen bigger? I don't mind stretching it. Is there a setting I'm missing? What should I do?

Category: Printers

I am deciding to get a new printer. I want a home printer that can be used for business as well. I am not sure whether to get an inkjet printer or a laser printer. I would like to know which one can I use that will make more savings in the long run. Which one would be better? 

Category: Mobile Software

Hi there,

I have a problem with Remote Desktop Lite, concerning the resolution of this application, which is running on my Galaxy Note 10.1, the app is squeezing itself in the middle of the screen and some parts are not displayed well, I have been manually resizing this application every time I launch it, How do I get a full screen display? What could be the problem?

Please let me know of any software that would first unzip a file and then convert MP3+G to MP4 keeping all the files in the same folder as they were previously. I found a few software but the files were being transferred to some other folders resulting in complete disorder of my existing folders. Please tell me the best software that would perform the function and not clutter my files and folders. Thanks

Category: Mobile Software

Hi there,

I have Asus Nexus 7 which I have tried to access Google App Store with no success, each time I launch the App, I get this error message that Google Play store has stopped , I have tried factory resetting the device, login to Google and still getting the same message, What could be the problem? How can I access Google Play store in my device?